We Don't Take the Term “PREMIUM” Lightly.

Our sleeves are exclusively made for us with a new custom design that has been developed for almost a year. Designs were iterated and reiterated to perfect everything from ergomonics, functionality, durability, to aesthetics. Materials were selected with scrutinizing specifications (while annoying many vendors) and dozens of prototypes were made (and destroyed) to test strength.

Like any other product from economy discount to professional grade, there are lower quality generics to high end. We understand there are more than enough generic neoprene sleeves out there, but we wanted to cater to the serious lifter who has discerning requirements for training gear, who uses equipment ten-fold more than the average gym goer, and demands higher quality grade products for no-nonsense training.



As it is well known, most knee sleeves on the market are generic models with just a new color and logo. It only takes a quick online search on one of the dozens of overseas sourcing sites (alibaba.com being the biggest) to find the exact same $40-80 sleeves being sold for $0.50 - 3.00 (in bulk). It’s not unlike “designing” new T-shirts or coffee mugs - provide them with your logo and you’re done. You are paying 6000+% mark up JUST FOR THE POPULAR LOGO. What we did was redesign the entire T-shirt (or mug) from the ground up with better design features and higher quality materials. 

Instead of the manufacturer pasting a new logo on a sleeve that’s already rolling off the production line, new production was needed to be set up for us - from making new cutting dies, tooling, to training new craftsman. These all get pushed over to the final cost.



After months of back and forths with vendors, testing and more testing, we opted for the HIGHEST QUALITY premium neoprene we could get our filthy hands on. Other big name brands still use the cheapest available neoprene that is used for beer koozies and mouse pads. No wonder $60-80 sleeves are exploding and wearing down quickly (look at your old mouse pads and see what only a wrist can do over daily use). No brainer, one look at the specifications data sheet, we chose the most premium neoprene for our sleeves. And instead of stitch-busting cheap jersey fabric, we green lighted a much more tough/durable/stretchy/soft/sexy (and expensive) fabric with a special blend of Lycra (spandex). Premium materials. 



Being lifters ourselves, we know about the failures and other misgivings of typical sleeves. From weak stitches exploding to odor problems, we wanted to address these issues… BEYOND the main revolutionary feature of the zipper closure. We also hunted down and had specially made for us a Sharkskin material. The texture embossed Sharkskin material was perfect for the upper section which gets the most stress from pulling and adjusting. 

The thing that annoyed our vendors the most, over the months and rejected sample after sample, was our insistence on HEAVY DUTY binding and EXTRA STRENGTH stitching. We were well warned repeatedly about the higher cost of extra assembly work and longer assembly time. We still insisted. We challenge you to compare the strength against the other top brand sleeves (even the 7 mm ones against our 5 mm). Because we KNOW where and how they are made. And WHO makes them (cheap generics). 



All this added up to the most premium and modern knee sleeves ever made. Compared to the generics flooding the market currently, we truly believe our sleeves are in a class of its own.

All that, and you don't have to walk around wearing sleeves like leg warmers anymore. 


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